Research Title


Chapter One – Introduction

Chapter Two – Literature Review (Background)

Chapter Three – Research Methods

Part One – Formal Research Approach

Part Two – Equipment Required

Chapter Four – Implementation

General requirements for any implementation

  • Requirements
    • User Requirements
    • Software Requirements
    • System Requirements
    • Feasibility
  • Design
    • Design Documents
      • Screen mock-ups
      • System diagrams (UML)
      • Database structure (ERD)
      • Design patterns (1, 2, 3)
      • Etc…
    • You also need to consider the software users (Population, Sample)
    • You need to provide enough documentation which will allow someone to recreate your artefact
    • If you modify someone else’s algorithm or create your own you need to produce a computational map with associated justification based on your test data
  • Testing
      • Tests data is used to:
          • Prove your artefact works
          • Improve your artefact
        • Evaluate your artefact in the critical evaluation section
      • Remember: Start Value – Prove It Works – Refine It – Finish Value
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Chapter Five – Critical Evaluation

  • Understanding the Critical Evaluation
    • Identify strength and weakness in your research, artefact and results
    • Discuss your result in relation to your requirements or problem (Fit for purpose)
    • Link your results to theories and practices in your literature review
    • Link your result back to your aims, objectives and deliverables

Chapter Six – Recommendations & Conclusions

Chapter Seven – Future\ Further Research

Chapter Eight – Critical Reflection

  • You need to show that you have developed as a person during completing the project
    • The easiest way of doing this is by:
      • Identifying what you found difficult
      • Explain with examples how it impacted on the project and you
      • Explain how you overcame the difficulty (develop skills and knowledge)
      • Explain with examples how this new knowledge and skills will help you in the future (job)

Chapter Nine – References